Junior transfers to CG; stars in musical and joins show choir


Emma Red | Staff Writer

After transferring to CG from Greenfield,  junior Nathan McBride has quickly found his place in the school. After joining Sound System and starring in the school musical, McBride believes he has made a home in Center Grove.

“It was hard at first because I pretty much knew no one, but Center Grove has been a really open, welcoming place, so it’s been a nice transition. The people have made it very easy,” McBride said.

McBride initially moved because his dad got a new job, but after hearing of Center Grove’s music department, he found that the move ended up benefiting him too.

“I’m in Sound System, so that’s been a huge part of my time here,” said McBride. “It’s one of the reasons I decided to come here, specifically. The choir program at my old school wasn’t as good, and I obviously enjoy being good, as one does, so being in that program was kinda hard for me. Sound System has been awesome.” 

Along with his work in show choir, McBride also had the opportunity to participate in the fall musical, “The Wizard of Oz,” where he played the Cowardly Lion. Playing a lead role required him to be at rehearsal nearly every day after 9 p.m. in weeks leading up to the show. During this time, McBride believes he got to learn a lot about working in the theatre. He was able to spend time making new friends with the cast and crew members.

“I’ve never been able to do a musical before because at Greenfield, they’re always in the spring, and I’m a pole vaulter on the track team. The musical being in the fall here is great for me. I’m very happy to have had this whole experience. It’s just crazy how I’ve already done so much here,” McBride said.