Theatre department’s play auditions are coming to a close


Izzy Burks and Dylan Godsave | Contributors

It’s that time of year again. The spring play is coming up, and callouts and auditions have been taking place for the past week and a half as director Ashlee Vitz finalizes the preparations.

The play, “Paradise Lost and Found,” is a comedy. “We do musicals in the fall and straight plays in the spring, because spring is show choir competition season, so we don’t get a lot of those kids,” Vitz said. “Their schedules are crazy, so for the spring plays we have a lot of people who are more into the acting part.”

“Paradise Lost and Found” features a comedic storyline of the Paradise Bus Company’s confusion about a big-shot’s visit and the mystery of a young girl, which makes for an interesting and amusing script to keep audiences laughing.

Vitz has a strong vision for the cast. “I’m looking for people with a good sense of humor,” she said. “The cast is really small, and auditions are stressful and I respect that, but if they can understand the comedic parts to what’s going on, that is a huge deal for me. I’m looking for a group that’s responsible, hard-working, and can be funny.”

With this script and plot, humor is important to Vitz when looking for cast members.

Vitz said, “The script is there, and there’s a frame for you to work with, but every new cast makes a show that just takes on a life of its own.”

“Paradise Lost and Found” auditions are coming to a close; the cast list will be posted tomorrow for the auditionees. Students can see the show April 5-7.