Center Grove and the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Many girls today face the high expectations that only dangerous procedures and surgeries can achieve. Students at Center Grove High School feel this experience each day.

“Kylie Jenner has had lots of plastic surgery and she’s 17, I think it’s bad because it sets an expectation around the world to be just like her,” Junior Lexi Colwell said.

WIth Kylie Jenner being only 17 and having visible changes, she denies any type of surgery. mentions that, “Jenner shot down the rumors in the interview, noting that her different look was simply due to her getting older.”

With the denial of such surgery, ideas that she used shot glasses to ‘plump’ her lips have started to arise. With this brought another ‘challenge’ for teens to try. Like any other challenge, it can be damaging.

A Center Grove Student reveals bruising from the challenge.
A Center Grove Student reveals bruising from the challenge.

“Well, I heard that it can pop your blood vessels and stretch your lips,” Sophomore Chandice Moore said.

The challenge involves taking a shot glass and putting it on one’s lips. The participant then suck in the air to cause suction and lets it stay for numerous minutes. This brings a humorous result yet very harmful effects.

“It’s silly and dangerous because you can do some permanent damage,” said Nurse Kimberly Gardner. “The shot shot glass can actually break and cause scars.”

Many students admit to having done the challenge.

“It hurts like after a while and whenever you take it off there’s a ring,” Sophomore Tara Crothers said.

Students see the damage first hand as their peers follow through with the challenge.

“I recommend you don’t do it because its not good for your lips,” said Moore.

As the ‘fad’ is fading, be careful and use good judgement as most challenges are more dangerous than worth the entertainment.