A Club Seeking a Great Perhaps

The Great Perhaps Seekers was founded in 2013. With the help of Karen Hovanec, a Spanish teacher at the time, the Great Perhaps Seekers became a small club. The club is continually growing, with Cassidy Keeley still in charge, but now Joshua Surface is the club sponsor. However, instead of looking at the quantity of members, the club focuses more on membership participation. The name Great Perhaps Seekers, or GPS,  was chosen to portray the purpose of the club.

  “The members of the ‘Great Perhaps Seekers’ are seeking a sort of Great Perhaps. In other words, the club strives to develop a community that reflects its ideals,” Keeley said.

  The GPS is a chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance, a nonprofit organization that uses pop culture to campaign against world issues.

  “The HPA provides ideas and actions to complete,” Keeley said. “But their chapters, such as the GPS, have a level of sovereignty to utilize their own creativity and ideas for the issues they care about most.”

  The primary focus of the GPS is to improve literacy in Indianapolis, but there were many other focuses that they hope to develop this year, such as assisting people with mental illness, encouraging prison reform, advocating for racial justice and raising awareness about climate change. Overall, GPS plans to focus their efforts to have a greater impact on the local community while still participating in the world-wide efforts of HPA.

  “Earlier this year, our chapter participated in the Accio Books campaign that collected a total of 64,909 books that went to various places all around the world,” Surface said.

  With the growing amount of participation in GPS, the club plans to better the community, and with the help of the Harry Potter Alliance, they hope to help the world.