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Brian Hamilton


Written by: Ryan Stemle

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Whatever you are, be a good one.”

This inspires no one more than senior Brian Hamilton who is the president of the National Honors Society, an employee at Play-It-Again Sports, the co-founder of the outdoorsmen club, an eagle scout and a thriving Center Grove student.

“The key to living an enjoyable and successful life is balancing fun with responsibility,” Hamilton said. “I know what I excel at, and I surely know how to have fun.”

Hamilton, known for his hard fist (in a non-violent way) and quick mind, is a perfect fit as the National Honors Society President. A natural leader who aspires for change and precision, he loves leading this prestigious club. He leads every meeting, and honors new inductees for his Senior year.

“Public speaking came naturally to me,” Hamilton said. “I knew being President was the right job for me, but I also knew it was going to challenge me.”

Hamilton enjoys a tough challenge. Whether this is a newspaper crossword puzzle or starting a club, he flourishes in taking on these arduous tasks. Hamilton, alongside senior Janesh Karnati, founded the outdoorsmen club.

“It was tough to start the club,” Karnati said. “But when Brian (Hamilton) asked for my help, I was honored and knew it would be done somehow.”

As an eagle-scout, Hamilton learned growing up how to make a quick-decision and solve a problem. These experiences of his forged his excellence at a young age. He is the perfect example of how success is earned, not given.

“Everyday in Mills’ class, I look up at the wall and read ‘Everything you deserve is what you earn’,” Hamilton said. “It is my motto.”

Hamilton also works at Play-It-Again Sports where he decides how much new items will be priced. This doesn’t sound like a fun job for the normal high school student, but he loves the thrill and pressure that comes with the job.

“Sitting in a grocery store bagging groceries is not something I would want to do for minimum wage,” Hamilton said.  “I would rather bargain customers and allow myself to be creative.”

Hamilton’s goals are far from finished. He and a few of his closest friends are trying to start a rugby club. Even though this task is nearly impossible, Hamilton will enjoy the task even if it fails.

“Kevin Garnett taught me that anything is possible,” Hamilton said. “If life was easy, everyone would be successful.”

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