AP Art Students

[wpvideo dmPYUFJv]Senior Brittanie Baird first realized she had art talent in the third grade.

“I’ve been drawing forever, like since I could pick up crayons and whatnot,” Baird said. “I won an art award and I got to go downtown and see these really cool pieces up on these walls. It was really fancy and they had those Smucker sandwiches with those little things through them for kids and it felt really good and right because my stuff was up there too and I was like ‘hey I could do this.'”

However senior Nicole Massy discovered her talent the summer of freshman year.

“I started drawing horses because I ride horses and I wanted to draw my horse,” Massy said. “It was pretty good and so then everyone at my barn started asking me to draw my horse and I became the human xerox machine. But I made a good amount of money from it.”

Inspiration can come from many places for an artists and no two inspirations are the same.

“I feel like if you want to be an artist you have to have not an interesting life but you have to have interesting friends, and I have some pretty interesting friends so that kinda plays into what I do with my concentration on teenagers and stuff,” Massy said.

For Baird, her inspiration comes not from the people around her but from things she watches.

“I’m really inspired by films and I plan to use art as a job,” Baird said. “It’s what I’m going into. I’m going to do it for the rest of my life and I’m going to make character concepts and designs for movies and places such as Pixar or Dreamworks.”

Baird graduated mid-semester this year and is taking the spring to focus on her art before college.

“I plan to go to RingLing College of Art and Design and study illustration and storyboarding so that I can work at a film company,” Baird said.

Likewise Massy hopes to attend one of the top art schools in the country for college and graduate with an illustration degree.