Futsal club brings international sport to CG


Matthew Stone | Staff Writer


Futsal, a fusion of soccer and football, that has sparked interest in many people across the globe has reached Center Grove as a new club sport.

The club, sponsored by Spanish teacher Rebecca Pemberton, has nearly doubled its membership since it was created last year, reflecting the sport’s growing popularity across the world.

Founders Lukas Kroll and Chris Santillan-Paiz founded the club with Pemberton’s help.

“It is a thrill to play and a good environment to learn soccer,” Pemberton said.

People play futsal for a variety of reasons: to try something new, to play soccer without the pressure of the high school team or to exercise. It also is just a good time.


“My favorite part about futsal is hanging out with friends and having a good time playing indoor soccer,” junior Carter Foreman said.

“I keep going to each club meeting because it is an actual substitute to real soccer and way more fun than outdoor soccer in which you can just hang out with friends and have a good time,” Foreman said.

Futsal club was founded last year, and it continues to grow. From pros to newbies, members say anyone is welcome to join.

Futsal meets every Thursday after school in the upper west gym. It costs a $3 club fee to join.