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Gamer’s Guild creates a community of their own


Mara Bastin|Staff Writer

Gamer’s Guild, a relatively new club to CGHS, was founded by senior Collin Muñoz last year. Their main focus revolves around tabletop gaming, but the club is not inclusive to just that.

“I think it’s more fun than playing sports because I’m not a very athletic person,” Muñoz said. “The Gamer’s Guild isn’t always just about board gaming, it’s a club for people that don’t always fit in other places.”

While playing games, members of Gamer’s Guild develop connections with each other.

“Really the thing that pulls us all together is our love of gaming, nerd culture, and memes,” Zen Johnson said.

Rallying people around a simple hobby has created a community of people who hang out, have fun, and support each other through gaming. While their community is very close, they open their arms to new members.

“We are extremely new people-friendly,” Johnson said. “About once a week we grab a new game and we all learn from it together. If there is a game up there you want to learn how to play, odds are there is someone who is willing to teach you how to play it.”

Gamer’s Guild gives students the opportunity to share their own games and learn new games with their peers. Many students in the club use it as a way to inspire creativity and as an outlet to express themselves.

“Through the Gamer’s Guild it’s really been a chance to bond with other people you normally wouldn’t talk to in school, like more reclusive, quiet, or shy people, but seeing them here, they open up, and they just let everything out,” vice president Isaac Buchholz said. “It’s just a break away from normal… You show up here and you can be on a spaceship fighting aliens or fighting a dragon.”

No prior gaming experience is required to join, and Gamer’s Guild is always welcoming new members.

“I would definitely encourage my classmates to join. I thought it was the best thing I did Junior year,” Buchholz said.

Gamer’s Guild allows students to express themselves and enjoy their hobbies in a safe environment that gives students the options to participate in different events that inspire their creativity and spirit.

The club meets every Friday after school until six in the cafeteria.

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