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Students resell clothes using a creative platform

Isabelle Burks | Staff Writer

Selling your old clothing items that you do not wear anymore is an easy way to make a little extra cash. Many students have started doing this by creating separate Instagram accounts to post items that they wish to sell.

A few of these students include freshmen Noee Hoskins, Anna Marcus and Myana Pace; sophomore Rachel Ward; and juniors Ellie Bemis, Kiley Yovanoff and Lexie Hoskins. Each of these students run an Instagram account dedicated to posting pictures of clothes they would like to sell.

Rachel Ward ‘20, said that she sells clothes because she will have a better use for the money than she would for the clothes sitting in the back of her closet. “It’s better than taking them to Goodwill, since some of them were a little expensive, and I want to feel like I’m getting at least something out of them,” Ward said.

Ward had low expectations making the account, but she was proven wrong. Ward said, “I didn’t expect anything going into it since some of the accounts are kind of made as a joke. But so far I’ve made $45, which is definitely better than nothing.”

Lexie Hoskins ‘19 feels similar. “I needed to sell my clothes because I had way too many that I didn’t wear anymore and I needed some extra cash,” she said.

Making extra money isn’t the only reason to sell clothes. “I bought some of the clothes and then never actually wore because I forgot about them and they didn’t fit anymore,” Hoskins said. “Some of them I really like but they don’t look right on me.”

“I feel like it’s been successful so far; I’ve been really busy so I haven’t posted much, but the clothes are selling,” Hoskins said.

Whatever the reason students have for starting these Instagram accounts, the profits show the benefits of their entrepreneurial efforts.

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