Speech classes learn proper etiquette

Speech classes learn proper etiquette

Brianna Stewart-Allen and Mara Bastin |Staff Writers

On April 26, English teacher Karen Gerhart hosted a lunch for her speech classes to teach interpersonal communication through handshakes, social media etiquette, introduction etiquette and dining etiquette.

“I think it’s important to not act like an animal at the table. I don’t think it always has to be too extreme, but it’s always important to be polite,” senior Cameron Brooks said.

The etiquette lunch was led by the Christie Pate Herron who founded the company Excellence with Etiquette.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 10.49.51 AM“Today we focused on table manners, etiquette with social media, introductions and confidence,” Herron said.

The company believes these skills are especially important for students transitioning into adulthood, and students seemed to agree.

“I think the lesson will teach me skills for how to behave in a business or work environment,” junior Madison Wattson said.

Students hoped it might be a good lesson for upcoming events.

“Prom is coming up, so it will be good to learn better table manners for that. In college, I do want to join a sorority. You have to have these table manners so this will be a good experience,” junior Meredith Grayman said.

The lesson was not limited to table manners. It expanded to improving everyday etiquette between people. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 10.49.46 AM

“There are a lot of people who don’t have etiquette,” junior Lauren Tarr said. “A lot of the stuff we learned today is stuff we didn’t even know about before Even beyond that, just holding a door open for someone is important. There needs to be more of that.”

This is Gerhart’s sixth year to host the lunch.