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Last minute Halloween costume ideas


Ethan Boots | Staff Writer

Need a last minute Halloween costume idea? These simple DIY costumes will take you from Teen Beach Movie to Hocus Pocus in under $30.

Basketball player
Materials needed
Basketball shorts
Oversized t-shirt from your favorite team
Head and wristbands
Old shoes
Long white socks

Step 1: Cut the sleeves off of the t-shirt to make a jersey
Step 2: Put on matching colored shorts and arm bands

Black jeans
Black t shirt

White long sleeve shirt
Black and red fabric
Red face paint
Hot glue

Step 1: Cut a plunging v neck into the black shirt and layer it over the white shirt.
Step 2: Cut off the sleeves of the black shirt
Step 3: Place red fabric on top of 5 square feet of the black fabric while leaving a 1 inch border to make a cape.
Step 4: Hot glue the fabrics together

Step 5: Tie two corners together around your neck

Ice cream cone
White long sleeve shirt
Beige craft paper
Multi colored puff balls
Black sharpie
Tape/Hot glue

Step One: Make horizontal and vertical lines on the craft paper using the black sharpie that are 1 inch apart. Twist into a cone and tape.
Step Two: Punch holes in the paper and make it into a party hat 
Step Three: To make “sprinkles” hot glue the puff balls to different spots on the white shirt.
Step Four (optional): Use different materials such as brown string to make chocolate sauce by hot gluing it anywhere on the shirt

It’s raining men/women
Rain coat
Rain Boots Umbrella
Pictures of your favorite Hollywood hotties
Hot Glue

Step One: Cut out each superstar and tie string to each spoke of the umbrella.
Step Two: Tape or hot glue them to the string or directly on your umbrella.
Step Three: Put on your raincoat and rainboots and grab your celebrity umbrella! You’re ready for Halloween.

Tube sock
White shirt
White pants
White shoes
Red fabric or paper
Blue fabric or paper
Hot glue

Step One: Use the hot glue to attach the red fabric all the way around your shoulders.
Step Two: Do the same with the blue fabric right under your arms   

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