Ultimate Frisbee 2015 Outdoor Preview

While the Ultimate Frisbee tournament season does not start until early spring, alumni coach Jake Phillips and players alike are hopeful for the coming competitions.

Phillips, who  has been the coach of the team since 2013, states, “March 1 is when we pick teams,we have an A-team, B-team, and a freshman team.”

The teams consist of athletes from all grade levels, but the majority are younger players, such as freshmen and sophomores. Phillips believes that the team’s strongest assets are fundamentals and knowledge of the game while he believes the largest problem to be athleticism, and with a young team this can be a fatal problem.

“Our team is really, really young this year. We have a lot of sophomores who are leading the A-team, so that’s going to be more difficult to play against the more athletic seniors.” states Phillips.

Though the odds may seem unfavorable, and possibly even grim, the ultimate team is ready to learn how to become champions. In the end, Phillips hopes to give his team an enjoyable, growing experience.

“Mostly I just want to see them develop and start to be confident, be athletic, and become hard workers…”

It all begins in early spring, follow and support the young team in what they hope to be the fifth victory at the state championship.