Members of the boys varsity soccer team cheer during the Homecoming pep rally.
Members of the boys varsity soccer team cheer during the Homecoming pep rally.

The Problem with Winter Dance Spirit Week

February 14, 2020

Spirit Weeks are meant to unify the student body and to show appreciation for our school and all it has to offer. The Winter Dance is coming up, and Center Grove is not meeting expectations. For this specific spirit week, we kick off on Tuesday with PJ Day, move to Wednesday with Tie-Dye Day, then to Thursday with class colors, and finally to Friday with Jersey Day. Could these days be any more original?? This spirit week is very ordinary, and frankly, it’s disappointing.

While PJ Day can be enjoyable, it doesn’t differentiate from any other day. Many students already come to school in sleepwear, such as sweatpants and sweatshirts. Having a special day for it doesn’t really matter, considering many students wear what they are comfortable in regardless. 

As for Wednesday, Tie-Dye Day is the worst way to show off crazy colors. In the early 2000s, tie-dye was a popular trend. At this point, the style is completely outdated. A majority of students have little to no tie-dye clothing. Students shouldn’t have to spend money to buy these clothes in order to show their school spirit.

Thursday is Class Color Day, which means each grade level gets assigned a color. Freshmen were given gray, sophomores received black, juniors have white, and seniors get red. These colors should not be limited to each class. Each student should make a choice as to what color they want to wear. This would allow students to have a wider range of options, when choosing the color they want to represent. Plus, it would make the day more enjoyable, instead of being a Freshman forced to wear the color gray. Bland!

Sports are popular here at CG, but not to the point where there should be a Jersey Day. Sports are so mainstream, and the idea is just downright boring. Furthermore, this day has been heard of before. It’s nothing new.

In conclusion, these spirit day ideas are pathetic. Center Grove is playing it safe and is making no move to think outside of the box. There is much room for improvement, which will hopefully take place next time we have a spirit week.

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