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Hahn Takes the Court Again

The lights glare on the court, the sneakers squeak against the floor as the athletes move toward the basket. The coach looks at his team with desperation hoping to beat the enemy at last. The players work together as a fluid motion, copying each other’s movements as the clock winds down. Their determination and inspiration come from a one source: their coach.

Zach Hahn, the new coach for the boy’s varsity team, thinks back to his 2010 and 2011 seasons when he was a major contributor as a guard for the Butler Bulldogs in two NCAA championship games. Hahn wants to bring that winning tradition and playing experience here.

Hahn has a plan in place to take his players to a new level of success. He plans to achieve his goals by keeping the team motivated and making them work hard to get to the next level. Hahn explains how he tries to inspire the boys.

“I try to make the boys work harder by making everything competitive […] and having short term goals always makes them strive to get better,” Hahn said.

The short term goals build confidence for long term success. Hahn was an assistant coach at Ben Davis for three years before being hired for the head coaching position here at Center Grove.

As Hahn was growing up, he was inspired by many different coaches which lead to his current career path.

“My parents were teachers, and I wanted to be a coach because I knew the impact my coaches had on me,” Hahn said.

The combination of these factors along with coaching in the well-respected MIC conference made Center Grove a perfect fit for him. Although Hahn played basketball during his youth, the success that he has had has come as a surprise. He describes one of his favorite childhood memories as an average basketball player in middle school.

“I asked my father that if I received a full ride college scholarship would he buy a car for me?”

His father agreed. Fast forward several years later, he was given a full ride scholarship for basketball at Butler University. His father then surprised him when he delivered on his promise and bought him a car.

Looking at his past success, Hahn wants the same success for his team.

Going into his first season as a head coach he wants to see “the team grow, compet, and come together.”

The most important thing Hahn wants his players to learn this year is to always try their best. He has a motto he lives by that he wants his players to live by too.

“What you give is yours, what you don’t is lost forever.”

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