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Jacob Smith

Written by: Parker Ferguson

 Being the “new kid” isn’t an easy scenario to be put in for anyone, especially right in the middle of junior year. Moving from the year-round sun and vibes of Stockton, California to the incoming cold and darkness of winter in Greenwood, doesn’t sound like a favorable proposition either. Nevertheless, this is the exact situation of Jacob Smith- one of our newest and most “cultured” students- has been thrown.


  “I miss my family and old friends, and after living with my mom for most of my life it has been very different not having her around,” Smith said, who is now living with his dad.


  Family and old friends aren’t the only things that Smith misses about his old home.


  “I also miss the accessibility to things like the ocean, or places like Yosemite,” Smith said.

“California is a big state with a lot to offer, and I miss that sense of adventure.”


  Even though Greenwood’s Midwestern position cannot compete with the sunny skies and Pacific ocean of the Golden state, Smith has certainly noticed and found himself at home with Hoosier hospitality.


  “Although I think California has more to offer in some [aspects], Indiana has been great,” Smith said. “I am a very social person and I thrive with social interaction; the people I have met here have been some of the nicest and most welcoming people I have ever met.”


  Smith has also had to make a major transition in terms of his schooling.


  “Tokay High School [Smith’s old school] and Center Grove are almost complete opposites of one another. Tokay had about the same amount of students, but other than that nothing was similar. Tokay High School was much more culturally diverse than Center Grove and a lot of clubs at Tokay were centered around culture.”


  Another small difference is one to invoke jealousy in the hearts of students here.


  “We also had an ‘open campus,’ meaning you weren’t stuck inside all day; you had to go outside to get to your next class,”  Smith said.


  Even though the differences are immense and the transition may take time, Smith has really gotten used to the Greenwood community and Center Grove, and he is looking forward to spending the rest of his high school years here.


   “I like Center Grove more mainly due to all the options at the school when it comes to classes, as well as very welcoming staff around the school,” Smith said.  “I do miss a lot of people from California, but there are always new friends to be made.”

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