CG Bowl Team


Center Grove’s Bowling Team: There is a lot to like about bowling,

“What I like most about bowling is probably the team aspect of it, there’s a lot of cheering and a lot of stuff going on,” junior Braden Amick said.

“I have to say I like bowling probably because a lot of people know I’m not the most athletic of athletes. So I like the bowling because it doesn’t take much of the athletic side to be good, just tales practice. And luckily I’ve been able to get in here and get plenty of practice,” senior Zach Hagemeier said.

Bowling is not just a one-person sport; you have to work as a team.

“So what I like about being a team is getting really loud during competition, it’s a lot of fun, we have a lot of catch phrases that we do,” Amick says.

“As far as the team goes, I really like the team because the comradely that comes with just bowling as a whole really. No matter how bad you do your teams always there backing you up. Every time I’ve thrown a bum shot they’re all right there still high fiving me telling me I did a good job. And I got to love the fact that we just get loud. Keeps everyone’s spirits up,” Hagemeier said.

“Basically my favorite thing about being on a team is just laughing and having good times with everybody. Because you always bowl better whenever your with people and your having fun. It’s just nice being on a team,” junior Brandon Brown said.

“With the team, I just like how everyone is together and how supportive they are,” senior Jessie Miller said.