French club goes downtown for ISO performance

Graham Kanwit | Staff Writer

Tonight, the French Club will travel downtown to Hilbert Circle Theatre to see the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and Dance Kaleidoscope collaboration, Paris Festival.

“We try to go see the festival once every couple of years,” said Madame Chris Frampton, the sponsor of the club. “It’s just a small group of about 14 students.”

The fair will include symphonies by Mozart, French composer Claude Debussy and a piece called An American in Paris by George Gershwin.

“All of the music is about Paris,” Frampton said. “It’s all about Paris or composers who wrote about being in Paris.”

While the performance will be useful for all of Madame Frampton’s students to better understand French culture, it will also be beneficial for French club students who play an instrument, as they will be studying the symphony to improve their own techniques. One of these students is junior Isabelle Laroque, who has been in French since eighth grade and orchestra since sixth.

“This opportunity was something that mixed two of my passions,” Laroque said. “I couldn’t pass up such an amazing experience. It’s important that trips like these happen so we can experience some of the culture we learn about first hand. Getting a chance to connect with whatever you are studying is always beneficial in so many ways.”

Tonight’s performance will provide French students with an opportunity to learn more about French culture and Parisian-inspired music.