French NHS raises money to aid children in Haiti

Jack Forrest, Website Editor

The French-speaking nation of Haiti, located in the Caribbean, is in the midst of political turmoil following the assassination of the country’s president. Additionally, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the island nation in August, leaving hundreds of thousands in need of assistance.

“In Haiti, there is a lot of poverty, and the government is really corrupt,” senior Katrina Buehrer, vice president of French National Honor Society, said. “A lot of children aren’t doing very well; they don’t have a lot of stuff to live off of or actually own.”

Looking for a way to support those in need, French NHS created a fundraiser to help.

“The fundraiser is through an organization called Save the Children, which seeks to help kids in impoverished countries with the basic necessities of life,” senior Brayden Stalcup, president of French NHS, said. “This can include shelter, food, clothing and much more. To sponsor a child costs $500, and it provides these basic necessities for an extended period of time.”

The club began advertising the fundraiser on the morning announcements and on flyers in the halls. Students donated funds in collection boxes outside teachers’ rooms. The club also held a Dine to Donate fundraiser at Arni’s Restaurant. Due to these donations, as well as assistance from donors, French NHS surpassed its initial goal.

“We had a donor who donated two $200 checks, and that’s crazy. I only know the first name, but I have no idea who it is,” Buehrer said.

These donations made it possible for the club to increase their initial goal.

“French NHS is trying to sponsor a child in Haiti, but since we already reached our goal of $500, we are now seeking to sponsor two children,” Stalcup said. “Once we have reached the end of the fundraiser, we will choose two children to sponsor and will share with the school who they are and how we have helped them.”

Save the Children, the charity the club is organizing the fundraiser through, allows donors to provide a number of different supplies to kids in need, including school supplies, clothing and even livestock.

“On the website, you can send a goat, and they can use the goat for milk, cheese and a lot of different foods,” Buehrer said. “It’s very versatile.”

The French NHS’ campaign will help provide support from one group of French speakers to another in need.

“Haiti is a French-speaking country, and it is one of the poorest as well,” Stalcup said. “As the French NHS, it is our goal to help build up and teach about the French world. We decided to do this fundraiser so we could help a French-speaking country that is in tremendous crisis.”

French NHS is accepting donations through Monday, Dec. 13. Donations can be made in front of rooms 131, 211, 277, 291 and 344.

Members of the French National Honor Society pose with the French flag, a French NHS certificate and a donation box. (J. Forrest)