NHS hosts first annual Midnight Mile for Anna’s Celebration of Life

Kelsey Osborne, Staff Writer

This past friday, NHS put on a brand-new event called the Midnight Mile, a fundraising event for the non-profit Anna’s Celebration of Life. The Midnight Mile is basically walking a mile around the track at midnight, but the hours leading up to it are filled with games, activities, music, and more.

“My favorite part of the event was getting to support Anna’s Celebration of Life while spending time with my friends,” junior Chloe Walsh said.

The event was held in the football field from 10pm to midnight, when the field lights were turned off and everyone walked or ran a mile around the track. The theme of the night was neon, featuring lots of glow-in-the-dark items and colorful clothes.

“I really enjoyed being with my friends and supporting a good cause,” junior Mahek Agrawal said. “It was also super fun to have it on the football field at night with the neon theme.”

Part of the event was the kickball tournament, where teams that students put together played against each other throughout the night leading up to the mile.

“It was pretty fun to play kickball with the team that I had put together that day, and we only scored one run, but it was better than we thought we would do,” junior Carter Dills said.

Junior Katelyn Jansen was also on a kickball team.

“My favorite part of midnight mile was getting to organize a kickball team and then getting to dominate and have fun playing with my friends,” said Jansen.

For its first time being held at Center Grove, the midnight mile attracted more than 200 people, including those who are not in NHS.

“Before the midnight mile, I was already hanging out with friends somewhere else and I ended up deciding to go on a whim,” junior Olivia Oliver said. “It ended up being a lot of fun because everyone was there to have fun, and it was a really good break from all the stress surrounding upcoming finals and AP testing.”

The Midnight Mile was able to raise over $2000 for Anna’s Celebration of Life, and the event allowed to students to support a charity while having a good time.