Students enter school through Trojan helmet


The inflatable Trojan helmet created a surprise entrance for students going into the Hall of Excellence before school.

Maddie Heineman, CGTV Editor

As students entered through the Hall of Excellence this morning, they experienced a bit of the Friday night lights as they passed through the giant inflatable Trojan helmet that the football team uses at games.

Dean Jeff Harkin worked with the Gridiron Club, the football parent organization, to make the grand entrance possible.

“It was just something I thought of,” Harkin said. “I wanted to find a way to increase our school spirit. I wanted to start to create that sense of family, that sense of togetherness, that sense of unity.

Seniors Gabby Ellis and Kaitlyn Martlage walk under the Trojan helmet before school.

Harkin has also worked to increase school spirit by encouraging students to wear red on Fridays.

“It is a way to show we’re Trojans, we’re proud to be Trojans and we’re excited about the football season,” Harkin said.

Administrators also hope to encourage the community to embrace the competitive environment created at sporting events.

“For our athletics teams: have a great season, compete at a high level,” Harkin said. “Do so with class and the utmost respect for your opponent and for where you go.  Remember always that you’re representing not only yourself, but your family and the CG community.”

Competition, like the football team’s first game and the fall sports action this weekend, is important. But school spirit means more.

“It’s part of the bigger goal of teaching life lessons, teamwork and life skills that are going to be helpful to our student athletes in whatever they pursue outside of school,” Harkin said.