Best Buddies Club Holds Pottery Event


The Best Buddies Club came together on January 31st and made pottery. This is one of many events that the Best Buddies club does together. The Best Buddies had a great time making pottery, and every member expressed having fun for different reasons.

“My favorite part was seeing everybody, and getting to spend time with my buddy Mary,” says Parker.

This event was different than most Best Buddies outings. According to Jordan Etchison, it was one of the larger events that the clubs has held. Each student was able to express their creativity and paint whatever they wished.

“I thought it was fun how people could come out together, out of school and something different than your regular hangout,” says Etchison.

This was the first time that the club had gone out into the community together this year. Everyone at this event was happy to be together with their friend, families, and buddies.

“Seeing everyone get together and having a good time is something nice to see,” said Glen Pannell. “These guys need a friend, we’re the best buddies, so that is what we do. We’re their buddy, and I mean that is where all the fun comes from, just seeing that smile on their face.”