Seniors meet college representatives during 2nd annual College App Day


photo by Claire Conder

Sophie Freeland meets with a college representative on College App Day.

Braiden Doane, Staff Writer

Editor’s Note: This story will be updated as information about College App Day is made available from the Guidance Department.

On Wednesday, seniors had the opportunity to speak with numerous Indiana college representatives in the Media Center as part of the second annual College App Day. At the end of the day, some students had their college questions answered, and some had been accepted into college. 

“College App Day helps to lessen the stress load of applying to college, as well as reduces possible expenses,” Guidance Department Chair Meaghan Krukemeier said. “Students walked into the Media Center, picked up their transcripts and then met with their pre-scheduled college reps.”

Those visits changed the future for some students.

“Perhaps the most exciting and crucial part of the day is seeing students sign the board if they were accepted into their college,” Krukemeier said. 

Throughout the day students signed their names on the glass window to celebrate the good news. 

“It was really nice that all of the colleges were very accepting and reasonable,” senior Alora Summerlot said. “It was also nice to meet the people who led the schools and I was able to make new friends.”

Senior Mara Bastin said the day helped her understand what different colleges have to offer.

“IUPUI intrigued me a lot because I never really considered how much it had to offer when it came to their liberal arts programs,” Bastin said. “It really helps that it’s both IU and Purdue as well.”

Senior Carmen Duffy also got information from IUPUI as well as UIndy even though she had not applied with them yet. “It was still really helpful,” Duffy said. But Duffy also was accepted to her first college choice.

“I got accepted into Franklin which is the college I really want to go to,” Duffy said. “I was really excited. I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to get enough scholarships, but he told me I should have a lot.”

This year a financial aid spokesperson was also available to discuss college funds with parents and students.

College App Day started in September, 2018.