Students visit Ball State University on field trip planned by Guidance Office

Shelbi Cannon, Staff Writer

Yesterday, students had the opportunity to visit Ball State University to experience a day in a college student’s life. Juniors and seniors toured the campus with guidance counselors. Throughout the visit, students took in the opportunities that the college offers, keeping in mind questions regarding their future. 

“[Ask questions like] can you see yourself there? Does that look like a place you could see yourself for four years? Do they have the majors that interest you? What types of extracurricular activities do they have?” Guidance Counselor Angela Chaplin said. “The importance of a college visit is to get on a campus and see what a college campus looks like.”

While some students have not planned out their futures, others were visiting the college already knowing what they are majoring in or what field they want to go into. Junior Sabrina Bernard is one of many students who has done research on what majors Ball State is known for.

“I wanted to [visit] to Ball State because it was one of the top universities that I wanted to go to, and it is on my list because of their psychology program,” Bernard said.

Some students had already applied to Ball State, and some had already been accepted. Their experiences were much different from others’ in the way they viewed the college. Since those students had already asked themselves the basic questions, their trip was to familiarize themselves with the campus.

“It was great, and the best part was knowing that I was already enrolled. I was practically touring my second home,” senior Ben Hummel said.

It was great, and the best part was knowing that I was already enrolled. I was practically touring my second home

— senior Ben Hummel

The trip provided students with an opportunity to take a college visit when they may not otherwise have time. Chaplin says this visit makes time for those with a busy schedule and busy parents. 

“We target twenty-first century scholar students because those students probably do not have the ability, or their parents don’t have the ability to take off and get them to a college visit,” Chaplin said.

The overall experience is meant to expose high school students to college life. Students get to see a different, smaller college compared to IU or Purdue. Whether they choose to go to that specific college or not, they will leave with a little more understanding of what they are looking for. 

“This may be the first time a student has even walked on a college campus,” Chaplin said. “It may not, but most generally. Some students hear about Ball State, but they never go to Muncie, so what does that look like?”

For more information about Ball State and making other college visits, head to the Guidance Office website.