Pubs Club Takes Field Trip to WFYI


Emma Matlock, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, Pubs Club took a trip to WFYI, a local news station in Indianapolis. The network covers electronic news, printed news, television and radio shows, and also broadcasts PBS Kids.

The club saw the behind-the-scenes part of the network, including the sets, the editing rooms, the podcast room and a lot more that the network also covers.

“It was fun to see what was going on inside the building. It kind of made me think of potential job opportunities,” junior Evan Borszem said. “It was kind of fun to learn about that.”

Journalist Lauren Bavis spoke to Pubs Club after the tour. She answered various questions, and also talked about her podcast “Sick.” “Sick” is hosted by Jake Harper and Bavis, and is a true crime-based podcast, centered around the health aspect of the crimes. The first season is about a local Indiana fertility doctor and the crimes he committed.

“From this experience, I’ve learned a lot more about the potential job opportunities in journalism, what the local community broadcast station is like, and how they’re run,” sophomore Nathan Ensley said.

Pubs Club meets on Tuesdays from 3:00-3:30. Text @pubsclu to 81010 to join the club’s Remind 101 for more information.