Senior Week 2015 Information

Senior Week is May 18-22. Seniors are allowed to participate in activities the week before finals to get pumped up before graduating.

“School routes and policies are still in effect,” Bird said. “I did a pretty good job last year, with it being my first year- stepping back and not saying,’no, we’re not doing this and we need to do it this way’ because I wanted to learn about the school culture.”

Last year’s Senior Week had some dangerous moments.  Bird conveyed his concern for the students. “It is important to me that we don’t do the [senior run] because of safety. I’d hate to see somebody get hurt.”

Some of the activities have been replaced, but most are remaining the same:

  • Monday is toga day. Wear a sheet or blanket in the form of a toga over regular clothes.
  • Tuesday is career day. Dress up as you would before going to work for your career field in the future.
  • Wednesday is little kid day and senior bike to school day. Dress up as you would as a little kid, and also begin the day by riding your bike to school from the SCSA soccer fields.
  • Thursday is senior citizen day. A play on the word “senior,” dress up as you think that you would seventy years from now.
  • Friday is college t-shirt day. Sport the t-shirt representing your college of choice.

“A lot of other fun and cool things we can do, like senior citizen day–that’s hilarious. The bike to school was a lot of fun, it was supervised and coordinated,” Bird said.

Although Senior Week is filled with fun, Bird advised, to follow through with the school rules and not cause a disruption.

Send all your senior week photographs to [email protected] and we’ll post the best ones that we receive each day.