Seniors Start a New Chapter of Creative Writing Club after Three Years


Amanda Zheng

Ian Kelly presents bullet points from Friday’s callout meeting.

Jack Forrest, Staff Writer

Creative writing club held its callout meeting in English teacher Lesley McDougal’s room during STaR on Friday. The club, which has not held meetings in three years, is being relaunched by seniors Sophia Brooks and Ian Kelly, two students passionate about creative writing.

“I really liked the club when I was in it in freshman year, and it was just a nice outlet for me to get away from school and do something I really enjoy,” Brooks said. “So we want to start it back up this year and just give people another chance to join, too.”

As creative writing encompasses many styles and forms of writing, 

Brooks said she hopes to encourage members to let their creativity flow by having activities for all genres of writing including long and short-form stories.

We’re going to do different things like flash fictions, poetry [and] just all sorts of things, so everyone has a chance to do something they like. You have the chance to share your work, but you don’t have to because for some people, that is really private. I think a goal would be that everyone has a good time and just learns to like writing more or what genre they like the most,” she said.

Kelly and Brooks have plans for different activities and projects for the club’s future, including a way for the students who do want to share their work to do so.

One thing we do want to start doing is… [to get] a bit of a magazine going, where students will be able to share their works with the rest of the school,” Kelly said. “[Mrs.] McDougal was talking about how there used to be a student-led magazine. So we are pretty much planning on writing works, sharing works, and then toward the end maybe getting a magazine.”

Kelly, who enjoys writing humor, believes that writing can help express emotions.

“I really enjoy the outlet it provides. A lot of times, if you don’t have someone to talk to, it allows for you to write out your emotions and you’ll be able to get a better description of what you’re actually feeling,” he said.

Danielle Harrell, a member of the new club, is looking forward to the freedom and supportive environment creative writing will offer.

“It’s a pretty chill atmosphere; you can do whatever you want here and people are really encouraging.” Harrell said.

For students who may still be unsure about the club, Brooks and Kelly suggest giving it a shot.

I’d say, if you’re on the fence, just go for it; I mean, there’s no harm in trying it, it’s a pretty relaxed club, and we’re not really intense about anything. Just come write and have a good time,” said Brooks.

“At first, I thought creative writing was kind of boring when I came into the class. But, it ended up being one of my favorite units. There’s such a wide spectrum of creative writing that I think everyone would be able to find something that they are able to enjoy.” Kelly said.

Interested students should contact Ian Kelly and Sophia Brooks or plan to attend the scheduled Wednesday meetings in room 162.