The Cafeteria Study Hall Isn’t That Bad


Students work and play on their phones during Period 1 study hall.

Connor Conkin, Staff Writer

As the school’s student population continues to increase, large group study halls like room 552 and the cafeteria continue to grow. This overcrowdedness has led many students to claim that the cafeteria has the worst study hall.

“There are so many of us in there that you sit right on top of each other, and you can only go to the bathroom one at a time,” freshman Brett Trammell said. 

However, students don’t realize that there are many reasons why the cafeteria study hall really isn’t that bad. 

There are some downsides to the cafeteria: the seating is horrible and makes your back hurt, it’s always cold in the morning, and there are sometimes food and drink messes on the tables and floor. However, there are many great things about the cafeteria, like being able to get help on homework from friends. Also, if you don’t have homework, you can move around and talk with friends.

In the morning, study halls in the cafeteria are mostly quiet, cold and split between people sleeping and people working. In the afternoon it is completely different; it’s loud, there are groups everywhere, and people still sleep, but mostly they work with others and talk. If you are looking to get work done independently, take a nap in peace, or just sit on your phone, the morning study hall is where you want to be. People who say the cafeteria study hall is bad don’t realize that in most other classes you are expected to stay quiet and generally stay to yourself. In the cafeteria, you are free to socialize, work, and talk with people as long as you aren’t too loud.

However, sitting at the lunch table in the cafeteria does start to hurt your back. For instance if you have study hall second period with A lunch, on a Wednesday you can be sitting on those uncomfortable stools for close to two hours straight. For students who want to take a nap these seats are possibly the worst place to try and take one. If you want to do work however, these uncomfortable seats keep you from falling asleep.

In spite of these downsides, the cafeteria is a great place to get help from classmates. You are free to move around, work, and talk. If you have a group project or just need help from a friend, the teachers don’t mind you moving around and talking. In a normal study hall you stay quiet in your assigned seat. If you really think the cafeteria study hall is bad, you can always get a pass to go somewhere else.

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