North Central Athletic Director Paul Loggan’s legacy stretches to the south side


Trojaneer Staff

On Sunday, North Central Athletic Director Paul Loggan lost his battle with COVID-19. Loggan’s family chronicled his fight on social media, and it was his son Michael who broke the news Sunday afternoon.

On Monday, MIC schools joined together and encouraged schools across the state to turn their football stadium lights on at 7 p.m. to honor Loggan.

Center Grove Athletic Director Jon Zwitt has know Loggan since 1988, and when the MIC was formed eight years later, they developed a closer relationship. In fact, Zwitt and Loggan were two of only three athletic directors remaining from the original group that started the conference.

“Whenever Paul Loggan’s name was mentioned, it typically painted a smile on my face,” Zwitt said. “One of my favorite memories of Paul was during a football game played at CG vs. North Central.  Paul was on the NC sideline when a CG streaker danced around at mid-field and before he could be escorted off, he headed in Paul’s direction looking for an escape on the visitor’s side.  I turned to Bill Long, Assistant Superintendent, and said, ‘Watch this.  Let’s see how this kid fares against a former All-American linebacker.’  Paul broke down into hitting position, prepared to level the streaker, when the streaker gave him a ‘less than Bantam league head fake’ and Paul whiffed.  The kid leaped over the fence and disappeared into the night.  Paul was left with a red face and more fuel for future reminiscing. I miss Paul and will for a long time.  I feel for Kathy (his wife) and the three children.  It’s tough when lives are cut short, especially lives of those who make others smile and feel good.”

Girls track and cross country coach Wes Dodson knew Loggan long before he started coaching. Loggan was his own coach when Dodson was a student at North Central.

“Mr. Loggan was my favorite teacher. He was my assistant wrestling coach during high school and my weights coach. He always inspired me to be my best and always made class fun,” Dodson said. “He always loved North Central and the kids that represented the school. I always enjoyed seeing him at the meets since I became a coach. It was always great to see him and get the opportunity to see how he was doing.”

Loggan’s impact could be seen across social media on Monday night, as schools across the state — both high school and college — posted their tributes to him.