CG’s COVID-19 Response

Matt Kish

Matt Kish, Staff Writer

This year, the high school has had to make a lot of changes due to COVID-19.

“It has been challenging.” says assistant principal Jake Short. “It’s not challenging just in school, it was challenging everywhere. You know, it’s caused our schedule to change a few times. Each

positive case can have a large number of appointees and all students are here. So we tried to do a hybrid schedule to level out, and then we came back.” says Short. “And then it seems like you’re after breaks, we’ve had a larger number of students union quarantine. So we’ve gone back to the hybrid block, which is new for us.”

“I feel like the school has been pretty transparent with things, they’ve been very honest with teachers telling us the information that we do need to know.” said teacher Cecily Girton. “And they’ve also done a good job of protecting students that are positive and keeping that confidential, keeping that within their system and not sharing that information that doesn’t need to be shared. I do wish that there was a little bit more transparency with that.” says Girton. “Just because I feel like as a teacher, I want to feel safe in my own room as well. And I want to make sure that my students feel safe. And so knowing for sure, whether or not there was a positive case in my room.”

Along with the school’s ways of keeping students safe, there are a lot of things students can do on their own inside and outside of school.

“Not even just students, but it’s when people let their guard down. You know, it’s when they are with a large group of family or when they’re on vacation, or when they’re, you know, they’re riding in the car home with their friends, and they decide to take their masks off.” says Short. “When we let that guard down, and you have no idea it’s invisible, you’re not gonna see it. Therefore, no, I think you’re exposed more that way than any other way. Wearing your mask correctly all period all day long. I know that it gets hard, sometimes it gets hot. It’s hard to talk with it, but it’s really important to keep everybody else seen.”

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