An Open Letter to President Joe Biden


Dear President Joe Biden,

As you step into the role of President of the United States, you face what former President Donald Trump has left for you–a nation desperate for hope and unity. More than ever, citizens will look to you, their leader, for some sort of guidance in these times of division. Whether you call it his “grand exit” or a great tragedy, I want to know how we plan on moving forward.

While growing up in a small, conservative town as a Latina, it has been easy to associate myself as the “other.” Entering the education system not understanding English leaves you questioning if you will ever be smart enough to be like the other students. Once you finally start understanding and speaking English, you understand the comments your classmates make. How do you not understand this? Mexicans are only good at building and cleaning. Are you illegal? Go back to your own country. Instead of teaching us to stop making these comments, we are taught to let them go because the comments are not worth addressing.

In the presidential election of 2016, cheers filled the hallways of my school, as the media announced Donald Trump to be our newest president. After months of hearing “Make America Great Again” and “Build the Wall,” many people of color were left questioning if they were going to be a part of this America. Our supposed leader was the same man who belittled my heritage and made me question if I would ever be able to amount to anything of importance. To gain control, he oppressed many cultures so white supremacists could rule this land again. 

The United States is supposed to be the land of opportunity, freedom and equality, but does it actually hold true? No, because if it had I, or anyone else, would not have had to fight for the right to be human

If to live in fear is not to live at all, then I suppose I have not been able to live. After the past four years of constant reminders that I reside in a nation where the leader does not want my people, how am I supposed to trust that my safety will be taken seriously? If on the night of Jan. 6, the security of the Capitol building was breached and government officials’ lives were at stake, who is to say that it cannot happen in a place with far less security and far more motive? 

As a Latina, I have not felt safe. As a student, I have not felt safe. As a citizen of this nation, I have not felt safe. Things have needed to change, not just with Donald Trump. This is a wake-up call that we need to answer as a nation. We need to further this conversation, even if it makes us uncomfortable. You need to keep it going. 


Amy Garrido