Cookie Critique

Reviewing each Girl Scout cookie


Allison Erickson, Staff Writer

It’s February, and the holiday season may be over, but a new tasty season has begun. Many people, including me, look forward to this time of year: Girl Scout cookie season.

Your doorbell rings, and you can’t help but think that it could be the Girl Scouts coming around your neighborhood to sell their delicious treats. The traditional door-to-door selling of cookies can’t happen this year due to COVID-19, but fear not– the iconic cookies are still being sold online. They’re selling the favorites along with a few newer cookies.

Thin mints are a classic, and it’s hard not to love them. They’re the perfect snack, but you can’t just eat a few. I think I could eat a whole box in one sitting; they’re definitely my favorite Girl Scout cookie. While that might be a basic opinion, they are popular for a reason. Rate: 10/10

Samoas are also my perfect go-to snack. Personally, I think they have more flavor than a basic thin mint, and I have to be in a specific mood for them. Caramel and chocolate is one of my absolute favorite combos, so when it comes to the time to start buying Girl Scout cookies, Samoas are always on my list. Rate: 9/10

Trefoils might not be everyone’s favorite, but surprisingly enough, I love a good Trefoil. They’re my second favorite Girl Scout cookie. Usually, if there isn’t any chocolate in a cookie, I’m not interested in eating it. But when it comes to this iconic shortbread cookie, I can’t resist. I can’t eat too many before I start craving a bunch of chocolate, but I like to snack on them from time to time. Rate: 9.5/10

Do-si-dos, however, I do not like. I know this opinion is really unpopular, but when I hear there is peanut butter in a cookie, I immediately don’t want to eat it. To me, the taste is too dry, and I find myself dying for water. I won’t turn one down if offered to me (it’s a cookie, of course I’ll eat it), but a Do-si-do would definitely not be my first choice. Rate: 5/10

I know what you’re thinking, if she doesn’t like Do-si-dos, she probably doesn’t like Tagalongs either. While you wouldn’t be totally wrong, the chocolate covering the peanut butter cookie makes it a little bit more likeable. While they’re not my favorite, I’ll always buy at least one box for my family and I to enjoy. Rate: 7/10

The newer Girl Scout S’mores cookie is one of my favorite additions to my long list of cookies to buy. They’re the best size for snacking, and they are absolutely delicious. If I’m not in the mood to make an actual S’more, this Girl Scout cookie is the perfect replacement. My favorite part of it is the creamy chocolate on the inside. Rate: 8.5/10