Taxman at Work


Samantha Cohen, Staff Writer

When it came time for junior Will Boas to find a job, he wasn’t sure where to start. At first, he was going to apply to Hotbox Pizza, but then eventually was given the application for Taxman. 

Boas and his family have been going to Taxman since it first opened its doors at the Bargersville location in 2014. 

“Ever since they opened, my parents always loved going there. My family goes there a lot for dinners and even Easter brunches. The place has always felt like a home, being close to all of the staff before applying, and I was wanting to get a job,” Boas said. “Before submitting my application to Hotbox Pizza, my parents gave me a Taxman application and decided that Taxman was the better option. It’s different from most first jobs that 16-year-olds get, and Taxman is a destination place in Indiana.”

Boas filled out the application and applied for the position of busser and host. He was eventually called in for an interview. 

“The interview process was pretty simple. I went in to give them my application and the manager interviewed me on the spot,” Boas said. “She asked me why I wanted to work at Taxman out of all places and asked me what I was involved in. After a 10-minute conversation, she asked me when I was available to work and I was hired.”

After being hired, Boas began the training process. He shadowed employees and learned all about how to do the job. 

“Training at Taxman takes place in your first four shifts. You work with another person in the same position, and they teach you everything you need to know about the position,” Boas said. “You follow them and take in everything they are saying and doing.” 

Learning all there is to know about bussing and hosting, Boas quickly picked up the tasks. 

“I greet people at the door and seat them at their tables. I also clean tables, roll silverware and do some other side work to make everyone’s night smoother,” Boas said.

Now, having worked at Taxman for the past eight months, Boas feels at home. 

“The atmosphere is so relaxed. The staff is super welcoming and easy to talk to. I always enjoy being at work and look forward to my shifts. I love the staff that I work with because they make the nights go faster and make the nights more enjoyable,” Boas said. 

Not only does Boas feel at home in the atmosphere, he also feels at home with his fellow coworkers. 

“I have gotten close to some students at Center Grove, while also getting to know some bartenders and servers who have served their time in school. I also have gotten three of my friends jobs as bussers and hosts,” Boas said. 

Working at Taxman has not only been a job opportunity for Boas, but also a place to learn other life lessons and skills. 

“This job has taught me how to work with different people,” Boas said. “Any situation that I am put in with a guest or worker, I am able to handle it in a professional and collected manner. Although I just bus and greet people, I learned that eating out is a luxury, and customers want to have a good experience, so my greeting and positive attitude plays a major role in their night. The customers could’ve chosen to eat at any restaurant, and they chose Taxman, so I need to show my appreciation by giving them a memorable experience that makes them want to come back.”