Freshman volleyball player Reese Dunkle making an early impact


C. Tedrow

Freshman Reese Dunkle sets up for a kill against Ben Davis.

Ava Brosmer, Staff Writer

With her team up 27 to 26 in a close third set against Bloomington South, freshman Reese Dunkle eases the intensifying expressions of her older teammates, as she makes the game-winning kill. Dunkle said she feels the mounting pressure that comes with being one of the only three freshmen on varsity. 

“The pressure just makes me want to work harder. When I’m standing next to girls with a lot more experience than me, I want to play up to their level,” Dunkle said. “My teammates have been really great at relieving the pressure. They make me feel confident on the court and always support me. I think that we definitely all push each other to be our best.” 

Dunkle began her volleyball career by playing in a rec league called “Grove Volley” with her friend.  

“Then I started playing club when I was 12,” Dunkle said.  “I realized that I wanted to be on this team and play seriously around this time last year. When I came to watch one of the games, I thought about how in just a year I could be playing alongside the girls who were currently on the court.”

With 110 kills and 10 blocks so far this season, Dunkle has proven herself to be a deserving varsity player.

“When I made my club team 12’s year, I felt behind and like I had a lot to prove to, not just the girls who had been on the team in previous years, but also to myself. 

Dunkle attributes her success to continuous and constant practice. 

“I think I’ve really learned that hard work pays off and the more time you put into it, the more reps you do, the more playing time you’ll get and the better you’ll get overall,” Dunkle said. “Coming in early for extra practice and staying after, just getting in the most reps I can, has helped improve my skills.”

Dunkle said making the varsity team was a “really big moment” for her.

“I felt like I’d worked so hard for it and I wanted to be on this team,” Dunkle said. “I definitely just felt really accomplished and like all the work I’d done, especially this past summer, had paid off. I really wanted to play for the school because CGVB has a long reputation of success, and I wanted to help fulfill our coach’s goal of winning a state title.