Senior STaR Teachers Bid Farewell

Mr. Hagedorn

Be good, trust civic virtue, pursue purpose, be a friend to others, create value, and be open 2 happiness.  Find connections and “follow your bliss.”  Our 287 STaR had great diversity and community, which made it so rich with ‘experience’ and growth.

Mr. Sanders

The time has finally come for me to say goodbye to all of you in the Sanders STaR.  From your annoying days (not really) as freshman making TikTok videos to your chill days as confident seniors, it’s been a really fun ride.  It’s amazing to see what outstanding and mature young men and women you have become.

I’m very proud of your accomplishments and am excited to see what the next chapter brings for you and what you choose to pursue in your young adult lives.  I hope you never hesitate to contact me if there is ever anything I can do for you. Just because you’re graduating doesn’t mean I stop caring for you and I am here to help!!

I hope I run into you in some restaurant in the near future and you come over and say hello!!

I miss you all already and as I type this, you’re all still here!! Haha. Best of luck Class of 22!!!

Mr. Lawson

Dear STaR203,

I am really going to miss you!   (And it’s not JUST because I’m going to get freshman next year…)

It has been fun watching you grow up and make plans for your future. It was wonderful to see you rally around each other when you needed support or help. It was encouraging to see you congratulate each other when you were successful.

Whenever I get depressed about the state of our world or nation or community,  I will think fondly of all of you and know there are good people out there somewhere.

Thank you for being part of my life and career for 4 years. Whatever you do and wherever you go, I hope you find joy and happiness.  I look forward to running into you and hearing all about your lives and successes.



Mrs. Fowler

To my beautiful STaR-It has been an honor to be your STaR teacher.  I have loved the opportunity to watch you grow and mature.  I truly wish the best for all of you!  You each will travel in all directions from CGHS and I hope whatever path you forge for yourself is one in which you thrive and find joy!

Mrs. Carter

To my STaR babies: 

Even though you had to switch STaR teachers multiple times, you were all so kind and welcoming to me. I have loved every chance we have had to get together! My hope is that you all have a future with a fulfilling career, great friends, and a loving family of your own. You all have so many unique talents and interests – keep pursuing those passions. Fill each day with joy and learning and share it with others. I love you all!

Sra. Coakley-Vidal

To my lovely STaR! Wow-you made it through 4 sets of Foreign Exchange kids, more tests as freshmen than any other class, a pandemic, remote learning, hybrid learning, Zoom classes and everything Canvas! You are ready for anything now!

Best wishes for the coming surprises, remember you got this!

Mrs. Nolan