CG honors top 20 students in senior class


Senior Ryan Beach poses with the teachers he honored at the banquet. Photo contributed

Liam Ealy and Jerry Argbah

On Thursday night, CG celebrated the top 20 seniors in the Class of 2022 with a banquet and recognition ceremony in which students honored family members and teachers who had influenced them.  

Ryan Beach was one of the students in the top 20. “I think being in the top 20 is a really good achievement,” Beach said. “We’ve been working for the last four years. It is a great reward for all the hard work. My teachers and my classmates have all helped me get there, so it meant a lot.”

Students were allowed to pick two teachers to say thank you for their support.

“I honored Mr. Schulz, who is a teacher at the high school and my mentor, and my fifth grade teacher Mrs. Leavitt because she was one of my favorites and just had a lot of fun activities that we did in her class,” Beach said.

The annual event had been a recognition ceremony since 2020 because of the pandemic. Members of the top 20 requested that the administration return the tradition of the event being a banquet.

“We started doing the banquet originally, but with COVID we were unsure of how comfortable people would be sitting down and eating with people that aren’t in their circle, so we planned to just do the ceremony,” assistant principal Tricia Ferguson said. “But the students came to us and said they’d really like to do a banquet and said they’d even do a pitch-in. I said no, we can figure it out. If they’re comfortable and that’s what they want, then it was their night so we switched it back. 

The two-hour catered event was in the Hall of Excellence.