Athletic Director Scott Knapp resigns

Knapp approved as new athletic director at Tri-West High School, last day at CG June 18


M. Stoops

Center Grove athletic director Scott Knapp celebrates with Kalen Carroll after his touchdown.

Sam Findley, Sports Editor

Center Grove Athletic Director Scott Knapp was approved last night as Tri-West’s new athletic director, effective June 18. Knapp, who was Center Grove’s assistant athletic director for eight years, took over head duties this year following Jon Zwitt’s retirement.

The move to Tri-West was one dictated heavily by family for Knapp. 

“My wife went to Tri-West and lived on a farm–1000 acres. Her dad is by himself, and she lost her mom 5-6 years ago. We knew at some point, we were going to have to deal with that because he’s 75 years old. I wasn’t looking, wasn’t anticipating leaving, obviously, after one year because this is a great job, a lot of responsibility, but it’s a great job. And I have loved my time here,“ Knapp said. 

Over the past nine years, Knapp has experienced many teams going to state. This year, he watched as the football team capped off its second-consecutive undefeated season and in back-to-back weekends, he watched, as Mia Prusiecki dove her way to a state title and was on the floor at Gainbridge Fieldhouse as two wrestlers were crowned state champions.

“There’s also those little memories: the cross country halftime meet, that’s a neat event; opening up the natatorium was awesome and hosting the girls (swim) sectionals was special. Coach Todd went out as a winner on both the girls and boys side,” Knapp said. “Obviously all the kids and coaches, those connections you make, that’s what it’s really all about.”

Knapp focused heavily on communication during his year as athletic director and was most proud of the improvement in that field during his tenure. 

“I tried to communicate more and have different avenues, whether that be the new app, the newsletter we do weekly, Twitter–we’ve never had that,” Knapp said. “Just forms of connection and just trying to connect more.” 

Although this will be his final months with Center Grove, Knapp and the athletic department still have plans for improvement. 

“We are trying to do more with the students, giving them ownership and being student leaders, having a student advisory committee,” Knapp said. “We have already gotten in touch with those people, so moving forward our next plan is just building leaders.”

Although these are Knapp’s final months, he said he is excited to watch the spring teams compete in the postseason. 

“June 18, the last day of the baseball state finals, wil be my last day. It would be nice to see the baseball team win a state championship. They work really hard, and it’s a good senior class,”  Knapp said. “I think the boys track team has a good chance at being champions, and I think our softball team is on a roll. They can make a really deep run. A lot of really good things yet to come.” 

Center Grove opened applications this week, and Knapp says the job is one that is desirable for many. 

“The new person will be in maintain mode for a while because everything athletically has kind of been touched and looks great, very collegiate,” Knapp said. “As long as they communicate well, are organized and relate to the students and coaches, I think, the sky is the limit. It’s going to be a great job for somebody.”