Students make cookie mugs to understand finer details in cooking


Tanu Kaur

Sophomore Moriah Cluff fiddles with the microwave as she makes her cookie mug.

Tanu Kaur, Staff Writer

FACS teacher Josie Heidlage’s class took a trip to the food lab on Monday where they enjoyed the time with their classmates and applied everything they had learned so far into making cookie mugs. These cookie mugs helped students understand some of the finer details in cooking, and how those details could affect their cooking.

“I like how we’ve learned about abbreviations and measurements,” sophomore Moriah Cluff said. “You never really think of those things until you learn about them; I’m sure it’s helped out with these cookie mugs.” 

This was the first day the class worked inside the food lab.

“It’s fun to be able to come here and learn how to cook different kinds of things,” senior Matthew Miller said. “It gets you out of that classroom feeling for a day.” 

It’s not just the students that enjoy their time in the lab, but the teacher too. 

“I think this class brings a diverse set of learners to me, and I am really excited that I get to know more about these learners. Also, eating together brings us together, right?” Heidlage said.

There are many ways that this enjoyment can translate into real-life scenarios.

“This class will probably help me out a lot in the future when I need to cook. It will end 

up being genuinely convenient to know,” freshman Adalyn Clements said.

As the year progresses, Heidlage said she intends to make labs more interesting and different for her students. They will continue to apply those skills and knowledge to future, more intricate labs and real-life scenarios to come.