Housing and Interior Design class creates string art


Skyler Miller

Junior Lauryl Sullivan threads string between nails.

Gourav Pany, Website Editor

The raucous sound of hammering echoes from room 262, as nails sink into the surface of the wood that students pierce. It’s not a construction class. It is part of teacher Lindy Scott’s Housing and Interior Design class, who are creating their string art project.

This project teaches students the finer aspects of designing and creating their own projects.

“Students learn different finishing techniques. They will learn how to antique, stain, and also how to do brie wax, which is a combination of staining and waxing. They can use this for future things in their home or if they want to do a business or something like that,” Scott said.

This project aims to educate students more about design so that they can apply these techniques to their everyday lives.

“[The purpose of this activity is to] just be able to do projects at home and so that one day they won’t need to hire someone. I have had students in the past who have done this in the summer to make money to use for college or to start their own small businesses,” Scott said.

An integral part of this education is creativity, which is something students were able to engage with in this project.

“For my final project, I used a stain on my wood and put brie wax over it, and now I’m nailing stuff down and using string art to make a mushroom with a green shell,” junior Lauryl Sullivan said. “I do not really know exactly why I chose the green mushroom, but usually when I draw that is the one thing I know how to draw. I also have a mushroom wall in my room where I might hang it up from.”

This creativity with the project has led to this being an enjoyed activity for students in the class.

“Right now, we are nailing in nails for the outlines so we can put in string. My project is going to be three potted plants in the end,” sophomore Nicole Reed said. “My favorite part has been designing and figuring out what colors to use. There’s so many different ideas for the things we can do.”