Key Club hosts hygiene drive for those impacted by tornadoes


Ava Hoover

Key Club is collecting donations in several teachers’ rooms and the Media Center.

Ava Hoover, Staff Writer

Over the past two weeks, Key Club has been hosting its annual hygiene drive. Key Club, sponsored by special education teacher Catherine Zenor, is part of Kiwanis International, which is a service-leadership program for high school students. The club gives students an opportunity to develop leadership skills by creating service opportunities for students to help others in their community. 

“I really find fulfillment in the direct impact our club makes on our community through the various service projects that we host every single year,” sophomore Owen Hopper said.

For the hygiene drive this year, the club decided to give back to those affected by the series of tornadoes that struck Johnson County in April by collecting hygiene products.The club gathers hygiene products by placing donation containers around the school.

“For this hygiene drive, we have a list of items that we are looking for that should be printed out and located around our product collection boxes that are distributed around the school,” Hopper said. “Some examples of products that we are seeing include toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toilet paper, hand sanitizers, wet wipes, baby wipes, laundry detergent, and more.”

The Key Club identifies areas of need and organizes and volunteers to support the community. Other examples from this year include cleaning up the stands after the Homecoming football game and hosting a blood drive.

“The blood drive is a drive we host at the school twice a year to encourage people to donate during school,” senior Suhani Desai said. “It goes to the American Cross Blood Bank, and it helps those who truly need it. One donation can save three lives, so we make a big difference because it helps the community.”

Key Club also provides opportunities to build interpersonal skills. Through holding officer positions and organizing projects, members are able to further their leadership capabilities.

“Key Club continues to help me enhance my leadership skills and gain valuable experience that can benefit me in the future,” Hopper said. “I also enjoy the social connections between members, and the personal growth and character development. Key Club is important because it promotes community service, develops leadership skills, builds character and connects members.” 

Additionally, it provides opportunities for scholarships, college admissions and networking. However, for many members, its most valuable attribute is the service they do.

“Through service projects, our members make a positive impact on the community, while gaining valuable leadership experience. Key club develops qualities like empathy, teamwork, and citizenship,” Hopper said.