Class of 2023 celebrates Senior Week

Ava Hoover, Staff Writer

This week, the class of 2023 has celebrated “Senior Week,” a dress-up spirit event. Each day has a different theme: Monday was Career Day, where students dress up as their future profession, Tuesday was Toga Day, Wednesday was Little Kid Day, Thursday was Senior Citizen Day and Friday was College Shirt and Anything But a Backpack Day.

“While Student Government usually decides themes for spirit weeks, they don’t really do much for senior week since the theme days have little to no change to them over the past years or decades. We kind of just kept the tradition of the past year’s themes,” All Student Body Vice President Hope Eberwine said. “My mom went to Center Grove and graduated in 1993, and she said she remembered doing senior week and especially Toga Day.”

While most of the theme days have remained a tradition for years, Anything But a Backpack Day was added last year after a viral TikTok trend.

“My favorite memory was last year for anything but a backpack day,” All Student Body President Ashley Mitchell said. “I saw some students bring in dresser drawers, fish bowls, and baby strollers. It is always fun to see how creative everyone gets.”

The different themes allow students to get creative throughout the week.

“The funniest ones were for sure to bring Anything but a Backpack Day along with wearing your college shirt,” Eberwine said. My favorite memory of Senior Week in the past is the Career Day. I think it’s neat to see what people want to be when they get older, and some people are funny with theirs and make up joke careers.”

On Wednesday, seniors host a bike ride before school as part of Little Kid Day. After meeting at SCSA soccer fields, bikers ride to school with a police escort.

On Friday evening, Senior Week culminates in the Senior Choice Awards in the auditorium. In previous weeks, seniors participated in a poll to vote for their peers who would be “most likely to” accomplish feats in the future. At the event, seniors dress up as the winners of the polls are announced.

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