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Sophomore takes higher mathematics courses through Ball State
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Sophomore Joshitha Neeli completes her math homework.

At the high school, there are many math classes to take such as Algebra 1 to Geometry to Calculus to graduate high school and get credit. However, one sophomore, Joshitha Neeli, is taking Advanced Calculus through Ball State because of her passion for math.  

I have had a genuine passion for math throughout my entire life, leading me to enroll in numerous challenging math classes during middle school,” Neeli said. “From 5th grade, I actively participated in math competitions, which fueled my desire to delve deeper into the subject during middle school.”

Heading into highschool, Neeli joined her classmates in knocking out math credits over the summer; however, her passion for math and drive to learn allowed Neeli to progress through the highschool math pathway at an exponentially quick rate.  

“In 8th grade, many of my peers, who were taking Geometry alongside me, opted to take Algebra 2 over the summer. Intrigued by the challenge, I joined them and dedicated 4-6 hours each day to complete the Algebra 2 course. Immersed in the content, I finished both semesters with four weeks to spare. With extra time on my hands and a willingness to learn more, I decided to move on to Precalculus, completing the course and setting the stage for taking AP Calculus BC in my freshman year.” 

Neeli was originally planning to take Advanced Calculus through IUPUI, but the work was intense to keep up with. 

“Eager to delve deeper, I aspired to go beyond the curriculum and explore Multivariate Calculus,” Neeli said.  “Initially enrolled at IUPUI, I found the pace, rigor and learning environment overwhelming so I decided to switch to the same course offered through Ball State like at my old high school. This transition provided a more self-paced and less stressful learning environment.” 

Since Neeli is taking an online Ball State math course, she doesn’t have any in-person instruction and has to use many online resources in order to be successful.

“Contrary to my expectations, Multivariate Calculus through Ball State has proven to be more manageable than I anticipated, resembling the structure of a typical high school class,” Neeli said.  “I have a lot of resources at my disposal and have a more relaxed approach to content and rigor which contribute to my success in the course.

Neeli takes the course on Canvas, but when she finishes four lessons, she has to take a paper quiz or test during AIM which is supervised by her counselor, Daniel Weems. 

“Through Canvas, I am able to complete a weekly module,” Neeli said. “After the video lessons, I am made to take a 3-question homework quiz, consisting solely of multiple-choice questions, with unlimited attempts and no time limit. Additionally, after approximately four lessons, I take a paper quiz on those specific topics, followed by an exam covering 1-2 chapters.”

Navigating numerous math classes can be challenging for Neeli, but she said it was worth it.

“Navigating through four semesters of math in a short span presented its challenges, but with the unwavering support of my parents and teachers, I managed to overcome them,” Neeli said. “As a freshman taking Calculus 2, I was pretty apprehensive about the course, but I found two friends who were sharing the same journey. Despite the initial struggles, the class proved to be a rewarding experience.”

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