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Junior Bella Malicote poses on the podium after a second-place finish in the Fuji BJJ Championship Series.

[Photo] Martial arts maniac

Angele Adhikari, Staff Writer
March 20, 2024
Junior Moth Smith uses tattooing and piercings to make others and herself more comfortable in their own skin. Smith began this hobby in 2021.

[Photo] Tattoo training

Ryan Merrill, Staff Writer
March 19, 2024
Senior Alita Fischer tends the net during a lacrosse game. Events like these are what differentiate Alita and her twin, Kayla, in terms of the events they participate in.

[Photo] Twin Tales

Julia Lucas, Staff Writer
March 14, 2024
Junior Johnny Turner works at Walmart from 4:30-9, helping with customers and shopping carts.

[Photo] A journey through jobs

Angele Adhikari, Staff Writer
January 24, 2024
Baylor Winkelmann (right) and Cameron Cox (left) pose after completing their half-marathon.

[Photo] Been there, run that

Andra Veleta, Staff Writer
January 10, 2024
Young actors line the stage as the Russian tale of Anastasia unfolds at the Greenwood Park Mall, featuring various Center Grove students.

[Photo] As the spotlight shines

Julia Lucas, Staff Writer
December 7, 2023
Senior Sophia Sabol takes part in professional powerlifting, which is a hobby she has been involved in since her sophomore year.

[Photo] Performing in powerlifting

Angele Adhikari, Staff Writer
September 26, 2023
BPA allows students to advance their interests in business-related careers through events ranging from public speaking to Java programming.

[Photo] Business Brainiacs

Riley Dodson, Staff Writer
September 24, 2023
Freshman LJ Brennan poses for a photo at a Pacers media table at Gainbridge Fieldhouse.

[Photo] Ahead of the game

Noah Baker, Staff Writer
March 13, 2023
Freshman Maddi Brown rides her horse, Dixie.

[Photo] Horsin’ around

Ramona Wright, Staff Writer
March 10, 2023
Sophomore Jude Alejo collects war memorabilia and posts about them on his Instagram.

[Photo] Honoring the past

Sam Heineman, Staff Writer
March 8, 2023
Wearing headphones, senior Kendyll Bigsbee poses for a photo in the cockpit of an airplane.

[Photo] Eye in the sky

Luci Sendelbach, Staff Writer
February 6, 2023
Junior Aiden Murray (center) poses in front of a Bargersville Fire Department truck with C9 peer Austin Ney (left) and fellow-Center Grove students junior Christian Durbin (right) and junior Colin Sissons (top).

[Photo] Playing with fire

Ramona Wright, Staff Writer
January 30, 2023
Roehling attends a Cardinals game at Busch Stadium last year.

[Photo] On the ball

Genevieve Konijisky, Staff Writer
May 20, 2022
Parestich stands in front of “Steel Vengeance,” a roller coaster at Cedar Point amusement park.

[Photo] What a ride

Finn Nowacki, Website Editor
May 18, 2022
Swango addresses the class from the conductors stand.

[Photo] Musical Maestro

Nolan Canfield, Staff Writer
May 18, 2022
Senior Wade Jouberts self portrait.

[Photo] Life Imitates Art

Samantha Cohen, Website Editor
May 9, 2022
Junior Tehya Brian makes sandwiches at her workplace, Penn Station.

[Photo] Showing who’s boss

Ava Cuskaden, Club Coverage Editor
May 6, 2022
Sophomore Aton Matula (right) fences his opponent at Carmel Parks and Rec.

[Photo] Dancing Duels

Munachi Johnson, Staff Writer
May 4, 2022
Christian Encarnado stands with his plants.

[Photo] Springtime Sprouts

Vila Miller, Staff Writer
May 3, 2022
Thete holds up an Indian Cricket jersey.

[Photo] Crazy about Cricket

Gourav Pany, Staff Writer
May 2, 2022

[Photo] Ruling the Game

Nolan Canfield, Staff Writer
February 8, 2022
Senior Alex Kominowski maxes out at her lifting competition.

[Photo] Lifting for yourself

Mia Frankenfield, Staff Writer
February 7, 2022
image1 copy

[Photo] The Case for Pronouns

Mia Frankenfield, Staff Writer
December 17, 2021
Sophomore Sofia Brown frosts a cake.

[Photo] Daring to Decorate

Vila Miller, Staff Writer
December 13, 2021
Senior Brody Shadle practices music on his guitar.

[Photo] Striking a Chord

Mia Frankenfield, Staff Writer
December 1, 2021
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