Culinary results in: Center Grove students perform well


Photo Contributed

Chef Grier pictured with winners Senior Eva Alejo Sophomore Grayson Roberts and Freshman Emily Boyer (left to right).

Ava Cuskaden , Staff Writer

The tension in the air is palpable. The clock flashes across the big screen, staring down at the faces of contestants. The white hats and coats flurry in a flash, and contestants bend down, focusing closely to make sure their delectable treat is even. 

Members of the Center Grove Culinary Club attended the Skills USA Commercial Baking state competition at Ivy Tech earlier this month. Senior Eva Alejo, Freshman Emily Boyer and Sophomore Grayson Roberts competed while members Kristiana Golojuch and Isabelle Felke attended as state officers. 

This week, the highly anticipated results for the competition finally came in. Roberts placed fifth, Boyer in sixth and Alejo in tenth.  

“I’m very happy with my results as well as proud of how the other competitors did. Next year the plan is that one of us will place top three at state. Hopefully by the time I graduate we will be placing first in competition,” Roberts said.

The club trained and prepared for over three months.

”Over break we created a prep sheet that went over everything we needed to do and what time we needed to get done. Once we did a run-through of everything that we needed to do, we could pick out the things we needed to work on and cut time,” Boyer said. “After that I just worked on having a good mentality about the competition and went through all the things in my head over and over.”

The Culinary Arts Club was started this year by Chef Grier. 

“I’ve always had an interest in baking, but I was never really given an opportunity to do anything related to culinary at school. So when Chef Grier started the culinary club, I was really excited to join,” Alejo said.

Another student with this interest was Roberts, who said she enjoyed the competition.

“I was excited when I heard about this club because baking is my passion, and I was able to hone my skills in this competition,” Roberts said.