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Keystone affords students valuable advice on college and high school navigation

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A course required by Center Grove High School, Keystone can be a way for students to learn more about college opportunities, high school policies and themselves in the process.

There are many classes here at the high school, such as forensics, culinary and art. However, there is one class that is recommended by the Indiana Department of Education to take as a freshman: keystone. Regardless of many people having various opinions – some negative and some positive – on the class, Keystone and Business teacher, Teresa Tzaferis, thinks this class is beneficial for all freshmen.

“Keystone teaches students study skills, helps them learn communication skills, leadership skills, and helps prepare them for college and career choices,” Tzaferis said. “It also helps them prepare for the real world.” 

Although Keystone may seem irrelevant to people who have taken it, Tzaferis explains the relevance of this class and the many ways it can help freshmen in the beginning of high school.

“Keystone helps students provide a high school routine and learn where everything is in the high school, helps them get connected to extracurricular activities, and the physical aspect of high school,” Tzaferis said. “It also helps [freshman] learn study skills and prepare for classes at the high school vs. middle school.” 

Freshman Siya Hazariwala agrees that Keystone is a beneficial class. 

“I think it’s an easy and really interesting class,” Hazariwala said. “I like that CG has that class for freshmen because it helps them prepare for the future.”

In addition, Keystone helps students identify and learn more about themselves when taking the class. 

“The benefits of Keystone is that it helps students figure out what they are good at and their personality, which can lead them to a career path,” Tzaferis said. “From there, it helps them know what they want to do and lets them know what classes to take at the high school.” 

Freshman Jaykob Gumerson sees the positives in Keystone in helping his future self.  

“I love my college and careers class,” Gumerson said. “It’s very fun and it’s letting me do a lot more research on the career I want to do.” 

On the other hand, there are two popular cons of taking Keystone.

“Keystone is a required class, which allows you not to take another class in place”, Tzaferis said. “Also, some students don’t need this class, since some know what they already want to do.”

On the positive side, this class will come in use in the future.  

“This class teaches students about employability skills, what they need to do, and have to be hirable some day and to be accepted into college,” Tzaferis said. 

While teaching Keystone, Tzaferis had the opportunity to learn and connect with students, but also with herself. 

“This class has let me get to know my students, connect with them, and learn more about their personalities,” Tzaferis said. “It also helps me learn more about my students because they are still learning about themselves, and I can help them with that.”

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