Life Imitates Art

Senior Wade Jouberts self portrait.

Photo contributed

Senior Wade Joubert’s self portrait.

Samantha Cohen, Website Editor

For some, art is drawing and painting. For others, it is sewing and sculpting. For senior Wade Joubert, it is a mindset and a lifestyle. It is a philosophy. 

“What I like most about art is anything can be done,” Joubert said. “Creating is an intimate experience between the creator and his thoughts. Art or sketching, specifically from life, is our brain communicating with our eyes and hands to manifest a physical representation of what we see.”

Joubert’s outlook on art didn’t begin that way, though. His interest began young, the way that most kids become interested in art. 

“I initially became interested in art when I was young, whether it was just scribbling and coloring, drawing Mario Kart characters or making crafts with my grandma. I was always creating things,” Joubert said. 

Joubert has moved on from just scribbling and coloring, though. He is now exploring a multitude of different mediums. 

“I like experimenting with different mediums, and I think that is because I like to have to figure out the process to eventually make something I am proud of. I like being awful at first and then figuring out certain techniques or parts of the process that will strengthen the final work. I recently have been really into oil painting and ceramics. There is such a wide range of aspects to explore within each medium,” Joubert said.

Through different mediums, Joubert has discovered his creative process and idea of self-expression. 

 “Art is unique, as well as it is human, where it mimics life and is a tangible object–canvas or paper–that is a sum of all your mistakes, and then hopefully corrections. The final product demonstrates every part of the artist’s creative process that was taken to eventually get there,” Joubert said. “At the end of all of it, you can have something that you spent time on and are proud of, as well as another benchmark for progression.”

Joubert’s style is not without influence, though. 

“No one thing or person influences my art, instead every person, place and experience I’ve ever had has made me who I am, which now directly influences my creations, whether conscious or not,” Joubert said.

Though Joubert’s art reflects his own life experience, he also takes inspiration from prominent artists and their philosophies.

“Salvador Dali is one of my favorite artists for his pioneering of cubism and his individuality. He scared people, as well as confused them. He was able to get a reaction, whether positive or negative, he made the viewer feel things through something he created. This is always the goal of creation,” Joubert said. 

After high school, Joubert hopes to continue creating–both as a career and as a hobby. 

“I plan to create the rest of my life and will most definitely be turning it into a career. I’m not sure exactly what that all would entail, but I will find a way to make it work, no doubt,” Joubert said. 

No matter how Joubert pursues art throughout the rest of his life, he said he will always be chasing the feeling that creating gives him. 

“It feels great to have something you spent time on. It feels even better when it means something to someone,” Joubert said.