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Martial arts maniac

Junior Bella Malicote participates in Jiu-Jitsu at Roll Model Grappling
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Junior Bella Malicote poses on the podium after a second-place finish in the Fuji BJJ Championship Series.

As junior Bella Malicote gets out of practice, dripping and sweating and trying to catch her breath, it isn’t for a Center Grove sport, or at Center Grove at all. Malicote’s practice is at her martial arts studio, where she has been practicing jiu-jitsu for years.

Martials arts is becoming more popular every minute, and millions of people worldwide practice it daily, including Malicote.

I do jiu jitsu because it makes me really happy, and I prefer an activity to keep me active more than just lifting weights,” Malicote said. “I also love my community and the people I’m with.”

Malicote does jiu-jitsu at Roll Model Grappling.

“I go to Roll Model Grappling.I love it there,” Malicote said. “It’s a woman-owned business by my coach AJ. She also teaches and does kickboxing, self-defense and judo.”

Malicote started jiu-jitsu in fourth grade.

“I started in fourth grade which is crazy because this means I’ve been doing it for half my life now,” Malicote said. 

As a martial arts student develops Jiu-jitsu skills, they have to overcome challenges.

“I feel jiu-jitsu is pretty challenging,” Malicote said. “There are just so many moves and concepts to memorize and learn. It’s almost never ending. But that makes it so unique because everyone has their own style.”

Jiu-Jitsu provides many benefits that Malicote said improve her health and lifestyle. 

“It has made me such an active person,” Malicote said. “If I don’t go for one week my body is desperate for a workout. But also jiu-jitsu has helped me make friends and develop a lot of life lessons like boundaries and advocating for yourself.”

Malicote said her long love for jiu-jitsu doesn’t plan to stop any time soon.

“I’m hoping I can continue jiu jitsu as long as I can,” Malicote said. “Right now I’m a blue belt but I don’t see myself stopping there. One day I want to teach a little bit but we’ll see where it goes.”

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