Homecoming Dress Trends

As the homecoming dance approaches girls everywhere are trying to find that perfect dress. With so many choices in style, length and color it is hard to decide which one suits best.

“The trends I’m seeing are people going a lot fancier,” Kaylyn Poe, an employee at the store Windsor, said. “Girls are kinda going for short dresses right now.”

Emily Turner poses in her Homecoming dress.
Emily Turner poses in her Homecoming dress.

Many girls have gone for the short, tight and fancy dresses this year. Junior Abby Fortune chose a dark-colored dress with rhinestone straps that give it a very elegant feel.

“Another style we are seeing right now is the regular, chiffon, A-line dress that girls have always been wearing to homecoming,” Poe said.

All of Windsor’s best selling dresses are either tight or the regular short prom dress style. Most girls have gotten one of these styles, but new dresses are trending at Windsor as well.

“We’ve had a lot of people requesting two piece dresses this year, and also long, body-hugging dresses with slits up the side,” Poe said.

Lauren Duffy shows off her Homecoming dress.
Lauren Duffy shows off her Homecoming dress.

The two-piece dresses tend to have rhinestoned tops with a small midriff showing and short

chiffon bottoms. The tight body-hugging dresses are typically dark, giving them a more elegant feel, but the two piece dresses feature colors with warm, fun-feeling style.

While the new two-piece style seems to be popular in stores, CG girls are still leaning toward the short dresses.

Junior Jordan Voegerl  said of her dress, “If you described my dress in three words, they’d be short, sexy and sassy.”