Chalk the Block

Photos and videos by: Matt Reising

Interviews by: Hayley Griffith

Panorama of the CG sidewalk after the Chalk the Block event.
Panorama of the CG sidewalk after the Chalk the Block event.

On Friday, Oct. 9, you might have seen students outside the high school taking chalk to the sidewalk much like we were often eager to do in kindergarten. The sudden show of creativity came from CG’s new movement, The Revolution.

“The event was called Chalk the Block,” one Revolution leader, Chea Jones ’16, said. “Everyone was to write something inspiring or something that would make others happy. No negativity allowed.”

The purpose of the event was simple: to allow students to express themselves through art to inspire others.

A couple of the finished pictures.
A couple of the finished pictures.

“Chalk the Block was important because it brought together the various clubs of Center Grove, from Robotics to Publications, and allowed them to express messages of empowerment and love in a creative and positive way to show how great Center Grove as a school is,” Matthew Reising ’16, another Revolution leader,  said.

It was not only a way to show how artistic CG is, but a way for the students to show their kindness and care.

“I wanted not only our school and students to see that we can come together, but I wanted other schools to notice that too,” Jones said. “Based on how we are perceived, many schools think we are all mean, snobby, rich kids. By doing this it not only shows that we all aren’t that way at all and that we all have learned to accept each others differences.”

Chalk the Block was one of many ways that The Revolution is beginning to change the atmosphere in Center Grove.

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