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Varsity Show Choirs Participate in Fall Bootcamp

Photos By Abigail Edminster

As the football team practices their blocking and the cross country team pushes their pace, the varsity choirs put their voices and rhythm to the test.  This past week, Sound System and Debtones both participated in “Bootcamp”.

The Debtones

“In the mornings we work on vocals and then we break for lunch,” Sound System member Noah Wright said. “After lunch we come back for choreography with our instructor Andy Hanes.  When we finish choreography for the day we go to someone’s house for a party.  That routine is repeated every day for a week.”

The amount of time these performers spend together is essential to their chemistry on stage.

“We have themes every day and parties every night,” Debtones member Lauren Wong said. “The parties are important for the group to bond.”

Sound System

“Parties are fun because it brings us closer as friends and a choir family,” Wright said.  “It helps a ton on stage with interacting with one another.”

But, the parties didn’t exactly stay at the houses this past week after bootcamp.

“Basically, the Debtones crashed our party on Tuesday night so we decided to get them back,” Sound System member Katie Swaney said. “We were going to fork Grace Maher’s house, but Greta [Andersen] told her so we forked Greta’s yard instead.”

Greta Andersen lays in her
Greta Andersen lays in her “forked” yard. The forks spell the initials “SS”

“Forking” is the act of putting hundreds of forks in a victim’s front yard. The prank is harmless, but obviously a hassle to clean up.  Other victims of houses targeted during the week included Morganne Keller and Hannah Strelow.

“It was like a game,” said Swaney.  “They would write the initials of the person who was next in forks.”

Whether its spelling out the names of next intended targets with kitchen utensils or choreographing their next dance number, the choirs of Center Grove certainly know how to have fun and make their team bonding time memorable.

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