Fall Break Trip


On Sunday Oct. 11 a group of 25 students packed the busses and headed up to Camp Eberhart in Three Rivers, Mich. to do volunteer work around the camp. This fall break trip has been going on for nine years, and it is led by Spanish teacher Adam Gaff. Their primary goal each year is to leave the camp in pristine condition for future YMCA campers.

“It was really exciting to help the workers at the camp, because this camp creates memories that will last a lifetime for the children,” senior Sam Meier said.

Fall break trip student Brian Hamilton

Services that the high school students participated in while they were at the camp included log splitting, raking, mulching and cleaning the horse stables.

“The community service was not exactly exciting but it felt good to see the fruit of our labor,” senior Eli Baker said.

In addition to community service, the students did team building activities, ran the sand dunes and competed in small groups.

“My favorite part of the trip was playing capture the fire,” senior Zach Griffith said. “The part where I grew the most [as an individual] was running the sand dunes; it was a challenge for me after eating a delicious meal at Redamak’s.”

Seth Piercefield and friend in the sand dunes
Seth Piercefield and friend in the sand dunes

The students were at the camp for three days and spent the nights in dorms on the campgrounds.

“The dorms were great for team bonding, I met a lot of new people and we got extremely close sleeping together in the mega bed,” senior Brian Hamilton said.

The students who attended the trip enjoyed the activities grew as people and highly recommend that other students go on this trip in the future.

“The trip is a blast, I am a better person than I was before fall break, and it’s a trip that all students would like.” freshman John Gudeman said.